Alpha Plus Educational Systems, Inc is Oklahoma's Way to an A.

We provide Success with OAS: Oklahoma Academic Standards.

(PLUS: Each book includes a practice Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test. A 50 question assessment that simulates the OCCT)


Steps to Success

Step 1: Teach to Mastery Objectives That are Tested.

To help teachers achieve this goal, Alpha Plus has written math books aligned to the new Oklahoma Academic Standards.

Each objective lesson includes:

  • OAS Objective Description
  • A Guided Practice
  • A Continuous Review
  • Real-world Connections
  • An Independent Practice
  • Grade Level OAS Vocabulary



Step 2: Assess What Was Taught.

To determine mastery, Alpha Plus has developed formative assessments.

The assessments include 5 questions over each objective that mirror the OCCT in:

  • Depth of knowledge
  • Vocabulary
  • and Format

"Did I teach the right objectives, and did the students learn them?"

These two questions should be at the forefront of every teacher's mind, and the answer to both can be provided by Alpha Plus.

Says Brian Tupper, Principal, Little Axe:
"Alpha Plus is a foolproof blueprint for any teacher who wants to teach successfully to the Oklahoma Academic Standards for their students."



Step 3: Use Data to Drive Instruction.

Alpha Plus helps you use your data from formative assessments to determine mastery, measure growth, and plan and identify remediation needs.

Determine Mastery and Measure Growth on a:

  • Student Level
  • Classroom Level
  • School-wide Level

Plan and Identify Remediation Needs:

  • By Student
  • By Objective
  • By School



Our Student Mastery Chart: Tracks the data on how each student masters each objective.

Our Class Mastery Chart: This data indicates how the class is mastering each tested objective.

Our School Mastery Chart: This data indicates strengths and weaknesses by grade level.

Our Standards-Based Report Card: Teachers use data from the Student Master Chart to determine Report Card grades and predict student's performances  on the OCCT.