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Alpha Plus provides on-site and online, data-driven and job-embedded professional development for educators. 

We provide the data and training to help schools go from low performing to high progress. Click here to see our results!

Alpha Plus offers practice tests and teaching resources aligned with Oklahoma state standards including:

  gold 3 Simulated OCCT benchmark assessments for reading and math at grades 3-8, English l, English ll, English lll, Algebra l, Algebra ll, and Geometry aligned to PASS
  gold 3 Test data reports (Principal Report, Class Report, Standards At-Risk, Learner Test Report and more)
  gold 3 Formative Assessment Tests booklets with 5-question quizzes on each state core curriculum objective (grades 3-8 in math and reading, English ll, English lll, Algebra l, and Algebra ll)
  gold 3 Lesson plan rubrics
  gold 3 Pacing Guides integrating Oklahoma’s PASS Standards
  gold 3 Response-to-Intervention Tools
  gold 3 Prepare to PASS student remediation workbooks


 Alpha Plus provides evidence for educator and administrator portfolios for Teacher and Leader Effectiveness (TLE) Evaluations. Key products/services providing artifacts for TLE portfolio:

  gold arrow 4 In our training, we provide data analysis reports and utilize your students’ summative and formative test data to focus instruction in a way that will raise test scores within the school year.
  gold arrow 4 We help educators know what the A-F Report Card formula means to their class, the key to raising any school's grade, and how to use pacing guides so objectives are addressed with effective lesson plans and remediation resources.
  gold arrow 4 We help teachers use Alpha Plus Response to Intervention (RtI) Remediation Report, Summative Test Log, Objective Accountability Graph, Data-Meeting Worksheets and more to support teaching to mastery.
  gold arrow 4 We provide each teacher a "Proof of Accountability" binder in which to collect TLE artifacts.

E-mail to find out how we can help your school go from low-performing to high-progress, or call us at 405-842-8408. 

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