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Alpha Plus Educational Systems Offers:

  • A school-improvement model that has been used to improve student success since 1992
  • Real-time data aligned to the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) to monitor performance in math and ELA
  • Curriculum materials and assessments written BY Oklahoma teachers, FOR Oklahoma students and TO Oklahoma standards

Alpha Plus School Improvement Model:

  1. TEACH to mastery Oklahoma Academic Standards
  2. ASSESS what was taught to determine mastery
  3. REMEDIATE OAS objectives not mastered 
  4. Use DATA to drive instruction year round 


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The PLUS of Using Alpha Plus Educational Systems

Latest Blog Posts: Alpha Plus Success and Oklahoma Education

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 5, 2022CONTACT: Jan Barrick, (405) 842-8408  Students, Teachers Honored for Success with the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) in 2021-22 Oklahoma’s only data-driven ed...
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At Waurika Elementary, Ms. Taylor is an Alpha Plus Hero! She has already completed initial instruction on each of the 29 objectives for fifth-grade math in the Oklahoma Academic Standards. While inter...
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Praise and honor go to Ms. Wooten, who teaches 6th and 7th grade math at Dibble Middle School. She uses our Teacher Professional Development binder of resources to align instruction to the Oklahoma Ac...
Today we honor Stonewall / McLish 5th grade English language arts teachers! Here are Ms. Miller, Mr. Larsh and Ms. Gilbertevaluating midyear benchmark data from Alpha Plus Online and their Pacing Cale...
Tupelo Elementary School teachers are doing an awesome job helping their students learn the Oklahoma Academic Standards. Pictured during a meeting with their Alpha Plus Facilitator at the school in Co...