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Alpha Plus is YOUR Way to An A

 Proven, Real Data for Proficiency:OSTPscoretablesREV900Click on the image above for an enlargement.

Alpha Plus Educational Systems Offers:

  • Web-based program developed from model used to turn around schools since 1992
  • Real-time data tracks student proficiency in math and reading
  • Curriculum is written BY Oklahoma teachers, FOR Oklahoma students, ALIGNED to Oklahoma standards

We served 74 schools across Oklahoma in 2019-2020:

  • 15,585 students (Grades 1-8) in online classrooms
  • 640 teachers, assistants, and specialists
  • 169 principals and school support staff
  • 98 superintendents and district support staff

Alpha Plus School Improvement Model:

  1. TEACH to mastery Oklahoma Academic Standards
  2. ASSESS what was taught to determine mastery
  3. REMEDIATE OAS objectives not mastered 
  4. Use DATA to drive instruction year round 

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Using Data-Driven Instruction, Alpha Plus Partners With Schools to Bring Them Success

Our Success with OAS tools are written by Oklahoma teachers - FOR Oklahoma teachers - according to Oklahoma Standards.
Tools for Success
Proven, Real Data to drive school improvement assessments available both ONLINE and print.
Improvement Model
Alpha Plus team of professionals work with you to help you throughout the school year. We facilitate the Alpha Plus Model for ONLINE and print learning.
Alpha Plus Team
PRINT AND WEB-BASED program developed from our model that has been used to turn around schools since 1992.
Online, Web-based

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