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Alpha Plus Model of School Improvement

Teacher Professional Development Portal


  • TEACH to mastery the Oklahoma Academic Standards, OAS
  • Map curriculum for “100 Days to Mastery” (Labor Day to Spring Break) using Alpha Plus OAS Pacing Calendars or by using the steps we use in our professional development sessions outlined below.

[Member Schools: Download Suggested Days/Suggested Order OAS Pacing Calendar by grade / content area in Word documents so you can adjust our curriculum map to your needs.  LOGIN to A+ Resources.]

i. Know your OAS Objectives:

English Language Arts (ELA)


English Language Arts Curriculum Frameworks



Mathematics Curriculum Frameworks


OAS for Science

Science Curriculum Frameworks

All other state subject-matter standards:

ii. Evaluate your Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) Test Blueprint and Item Specifications before planning number of days of focused instruction needed for each standard in the state blueprint


iv. After identifying key dates in your school’s academic calendar, “pencil in” your plan on the Alpha Plus “100 Days to Mastery” Pacing Calendar Blank > Download FREE fillable PDF

TIP: Whether you use a pencil or a software when mapping curriculum, know that instructional pace will need to be revised after midyear / winter benchmark test.


  • Build lesson plans for each OAS objective that will be measured and/or use Success with OAS textbooks:
  • Complete Alpha Plus Model Lesson Plan template for each OAS Objective that will be assessed > Download FREE fillable PDF
  • Lesson Plan Example (need an OAS-aligned example in PDF from one reading and one math textbook)
  • Check out the sample PDFs of Success with OAS Mathematics (Grades K-8) and Success with OAS Reading (Grades 3-4, 7-8) HERE

[Member Schools: Download digital copies (wish that said eBook!) of purchased Success with OAS textbooks to use on any school devices.  LOGIN to A+ Resources.]

C.  Communicate your plan with parents and students

  • Use Success with OAS Vocabulary Posters to focus everyone on words that will be used on state tests > Download FREE fillable PDF
  • Print Standard Based Report Cards to share with parents and students at first meeting to set expectations Download FREE fillable PDF *Also available with formative scores updated in real time at Alpha Plus Online
  • Print Test-Taking Procedures and Strategies handout and plan to instruct students how to evaluate assessment questions in first semester Download FREE fillable PDF

For detailed school-year plan using the Alpha Plus Model of School Improvement, access Instructional Leader Timeline / Principal Checklist (LOGIN to A+ Resources for PDF) - not sure yet where to put this


  • ASSESS what was taught to determine mastery
    • Administer OAS-aligned summative benchmarks three times per year
  • Fall Baseline: Evaluate performance data by standard and adjust pacing if major gaps in prior knowledge are noted. [We recommend “Classroom List” report that groups questions by objective in Alpha Plus Online.] (need good example highlighting actionable data, new STL PDF)
  • Winter / Midyear: Evaluate and adjust pacing for second semester; reteach any objectives for which fewer than 70% of students were proficient. [We recommend Standards at Risk report w/small-group remediation list Alpha Plus Online.]
  • Spring / End-of-Instruction: Evaluate data and plan final intervention for each student on weak or “bubble” objectives before state testing in April.
  • Administer common formative quizzes as objectives are taught during first three nine weeks [If your school is a new Alpha Plus member, download a copy of Alpha Plus Online Quick Start Guide here]
    • Select appropriate dates and mark formative tests on your Pacing Calendar
    • Take steps to ensure students take formative quizzes seriously and that they evaluate each distractor for the best / most plausible answer.
    • Teach or reteach to mastery the content related to an OAS Objective; when you believe students have learned the content, assign the formative quiz.
  • Hold weekly Data Team Meetings (aka, PLCs) and/or complete DTM worksheets to monitor formative progress Download FREE fillable PDF
    • Use Remediation Report Form to coordinate intervention for each student Download FREE fillable PDF
    • What does my Objective Accountability Graph say? (need good example with components mapped, PDF)
  • End of nine weeks or before Parent-Teacher conferences, provide parents their child’s Standard Based Report Card indicating student performance by OAS objective to date > Click here to download FREE templates.
  • REMEDIATE OAS objectives not mastered
    • Use reports on growth/proficiency by student and class to determine re-teaching and intervention needs
    • Compare benchmark data to state test scores for each student to evaluate expectations and monitor progress (Download Alpha Plus STL Template in Excel (If new to Alpha Plus, you will access automated STL form under “Management” in Alpha Plus Online and then enter your students’ state test scores from previous year for your information and use only - we do not collect this information)
    • Locate additional teaching resources to use in intervention, tutoring, etc. (by grade/content to OSSBA Digital Library and OSDE Curriculum Frameworks URLs)
  • Use DATA to improve instruction (year-round)
    • OAG: Use Objective Accountability Graphs to monitor teaching pace and student proficiency. Check formative Item Response Reports for consistency in incorrect answers by objective for classroom discussion [Link to Example of OAG and Template?]
    • SBRC: Use Standard Based Report Cards to solicit feedback from parents at each parent-teacher conference (link to list of SBRC templates)
    • CLR: Use Classroom List Report to determine how many students were already proficient on which objectives from benchmarks to adjust pacing for next semester or next school year (need example of what this looks like in PDF)
    • STL: Using the Summative Test Log throughout the year to individualize instruction based on student abilities, subgroups and past performance (need PDF example of new downloadable STL form; link to Excel template)
    • SOA: Summative Objective Report provides calculations of proficiency by OAS Objective for each class and identifies the best instructional leader for intervention and potential peer mentors by grade level (link to example of what this looks like in PDF)

For additional information, call (405) 842-8408.

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