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Alpha Plus Helps Your Child Test with Confidence

5 Things You Can Do Now to Help Your Child Test With Confidence.

Spring Break is upon us, and as families make plans for the last big break of the school year, it’s worth remembering that when kids return to school, state testing will soon begin.

AP 5 things for test confidenceSM

As a former classroom teacher, I know what anxiety this can bring to kids and parents alike. I also know that with a little extra preparation, everyone involved can enter test time with ease. 

Here are 5 things parents can do now to help kids prepare to test with confidence:

1.     Study a grade appropriate vocabulary list. We have these available free on our website, at this link: Free Vocabulary Posters. Choose a few words to practice at the dinner table each evening. 

2.     Review the Academic Standards for your child’s grade level on the Oklahoma Department of Education’s website. You can find them at

3.     Use those standards for nightly practice with your child. Websites like will allow you to type in the exact standard your child will be tested on, and utilize appropriate practice exercises for each subject and grade level. 

4.     Don’t forget the testing basics! Remind your child to take his or her time on each test question, and to use extra time to go back and double check answers. 

5.     Finally, remind your child that testing is important, but it isn’t everything. Your child will test with more confidence if you speak positively about their preparedness. They’re ready, and you’ll be proud of their effort, regardless of how they score!

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