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NEWS RELEASE: "Success with OAS Awards" honor Oklahoma teachers, students


CONTACT:  Wendy Pratt, Alpha Plus (405) 842-8408

“Success with OAS Awards” honor teacher and student achievement under the new Oklahoma Academic Standards in 2017-18

Schools have received the first-ever awards congratulating students and teachers for achievements aligned to the new Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) for math and reading.

CEO Jan Barrick says her Oklahoma City-based team identified “Success with OAS Awards” through analysis of current school-year data through April 27 from 57 schools that use Alpha Plus tools statewide.

“We based these awards on progress-monitoring data aligned to the new, more-rigorous OAS,” Barrick explained.  The following awards were mailed to 38 eligible schools statewide. 

  • Teachers of the Year in Math and Reading were selected from each school administering both Alpha Plus formative and summative assessments in Grades 3-8. Just 35 math teachers and 37 reading teachers with highest Running Proficiency Rates were selected to represent educators leading 523 classes statewide.
  • Top OAS Benchmark Math Class and Top OAS Benchmark Reading Class awards at each eligible school recognize the highest scoring classes on spring summative assessments. A mirror of the state tests, benchmark assessments help teachers measure academic growth to improve instruction and coordinate remediation.
  • Success with OAS Objectives Goal Achieved! honors classes addressing each OAS Objective and completing all formative quizzes. These awards recognize teachers and students who work at a steady pace from Labor Day to Spring Break to cover all state-mandated subject matter in mathematics and reading/English Language Arts.

“We work with hundreds of educators and thousands of students each year to improve teaching and learning,” Barrick said.

“Success with OAS Awards will annually recognize exceptional effort and encourage educators and students to keep up the great work!”

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NOTE:  Lists of all awards by school are available here in PDF. Thanks for sharing the good news!

Success with OAS Teachers of the Year List
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