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DID YOU KNOW: The "Panhandle State"

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Map Oklahoma Rivers500
DID YOU KNOW? In Oklahoma history, our state’s borders are defined by United States history. This resulted in adding what was first called “No Man’s Land.” Oklahoma, the Panhandle State Many states are defined by natural borders. However, only Oklaho...
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DID YOU KNOW: The Oklahoma Flag

DID YOU KNOW? In Oklahoma history, Louise Fluke used skills honed at the Chicago Art Institute to design a new Oklahoma state flag in 1925. In this selection, we learn why our flag changed and how research fostered a new sense of pride. The Oklahoma ...
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Did You Know?

DYK BaseballDream
In Oklahoma history, many times it is surprising where a person’s dreams can take them. One little boy’s dreams led to a lifetime of public service. From Chilocco to Yankee Stadium       As a little boy, Emmett Seeley always had b...
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Did You Know?

DYK BessColeman
In Oklahoma history, Bessie Coleman was just a freshman attending the Colored Agricultural and Normal University at Langston in the early 1900s. She went on to become the first black woman and the first Native American woman to receive an internation...
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Did You Know?

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In Oklahoma history, few dates have greater significance than April 19, 1995. In honor of the 25th Anniversary Remembrance Ceremony this week, we would like to share this part of Oklahoma’s history. On April 19, 1995, Oklahoma City and the nation exp...
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