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Celebrating Our Intern Sydnee Plant

Sydnee Plant
We celebrated our intern, Sydnee Plant, on her last day with us. Sydnee is a student at OU majoring in specialeducation and  earlychildhood . We have enjoyed you and we will miss you. Good Luck!  
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CCOSA Summer Conference

We had our annual pre-CCOSA Summer Conference meeting tonight w/members of our Advisory Bd - including school leaders at 2 Nat'l Blue Ribbon Schools - to evaluate 2018-19 & plan for 2019-20. Attached is a list. Curious why schools use our tools f...
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ELA Tag Team for Hollis Middle School

ELA Hollis
Ya’ll, I gotta brag on these two RockStar Teachers here. Traveling this great state, I have met hundreds of passionate teachers. But let me introduce you to Karla Kirby Webb and Bill Flesher. They are a solid ELA tag team for Hollis Middle School. If...
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2017-2018 School Report Cards

2017-2018 School Report Cards are available. To find out your information, please go to this link. If you aren't happy with your school's grade, ask your school administration to consider using Alpha Plus. We know TheWayToAnA . From the Oklahoma Scho...
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Alpha Plus Team Member, Kari Kosanke

This week, the Alpha Plus team gave one of our members, Kari Kosanke, a "You Got This!" party as she was preparing to represent us at the Boston Marathon on Monday. Kari has been working hard and is one of around 50 Oklahomans who qualified for the r...
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At Alpha Plus, We Use Data to Help Schools Make the Grade!

Our system helps teachers and administrators identify students who need remediation in real time. We even pinpoint the specific OAS objectives that need improvement!

That's why Alpha Plus schools have outperformed the state average every year of the A-F Report Cards.