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Three Things to Know About Your Child’s Test Scores

3 Things to Know Blog

Last week, parents and teachers across our state received initial test scores from the Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP). OSTP scores are the end result of months of class work designed to improve student skills in the areas of Math, Reading and Science.

These tests are meant to serve as a guide for schools and parents whose ultimate goal is to support career and college readiness. The results can provide a roadmap for student success.

Here are three things parents should consider when reviewing their child’s OSTP score:

  1. Oklahoma standards have become more challenging. A score of 300 is considered proficient for each specific standard. That’s basically equivalent to a 75% score. A score below 300 (Basic) indicates the student may not be on track to be career and college ready.
  2. This year’s test results are broken down by specific standards. When reviewing a child’s score, parents can see the exact skills that require remediation. Parents should focus on these skills during the summer months as they prepare their children for the next school year.
  3. Students who score proficient or advanced have work to do, too. All Oklahoma Academic Standards – for every grade level – are available online. Parents of children who scored advanced or proficient can look ahead to help prepare their kids and insure that their growth continues.

Finally, it’s important to remember that the OSTP scores represent a student knowledge base for a specific window of time – the time the test was given. The most important thing these tests measure is growth.

More information about the OSTP is available on the State Department of Education’s website, where you can find detailed academic standards and an explanation of the scores.

As we gear up for another school year, we’re already talking about our public school partners about how we can help improve student success.  We are proud to work with hundreds of Oklahoma teachers toward that goal. We’re grateful to parents who work during the summer months to help kids retain what they have learned and continue on a path to success.

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