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Happy New Year, Oklahoma Educators!

As a way to help all teachers align instruction to the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS), free vocabulary posterswe are giving away PDFs of our new Vocabulary Poster proofs.

In January 2020, we will print posters for Alpha Plus school teams and give them away at trade shows next summer. But, we want interested educators to have them NOW.

These lists are taken from the OAS objectives that are taught and assessed by teachers using the Alpha Plus Model of School Improvement. They are also defined in the glossaries of the Success for OAS Mathematics and Success for OAS Reading series. (See

If your students are not familiar with these terms today, it is vital that they know them well by Spring Break so they will be prepared for state tests in April.

For a list of OAS Objectives for Reading/Math, see our Standard Based Report Card templates, free for teachers, here:
Or, you can access the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s Standards Frameworks here:

You’ll have to adjust your printer settings because they are formatted for poster-size prints, plus PDFs can also vary depending on software settings.

If you see any pesky human errors or have any questions, please call (405) 842-8408 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Reading vocabulary posters

Math posters

Sending every good wish for Success with OAS in 2020! –

Jan Barrick and your Alpha Plus Team

At Alpha Plus, We Use Data to Help Schools Make the Grade!

Our system helps teachers and administrators identify students who need remediation in real time. We even pinpoint the specific OAS objectives that need improvement!

That's why Alpha Plus schools have outperformed the state average every year of the A-F Report Cards.