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Alpha Plus Success with OAS Resources

Below, find resources, content, information for Success with OAS, and FREE resources for educators.

Alpha Plus Model of School Improvement

Below, find resources we're making available to our state educators. Most of the items below have content you can download. However, some are only available by being a member of our Alpha Plus Team Partners.


III. REMEDIATE OAS objectives not mastered

A. Use reports on growth/proficiency by student and class to determine re-teaching and intervention needs

B. Compare benchmark data to state test scores for each student to evaluate expectations and monitor progress (Download Alpha Plus STL Template in Excel Download STL excel)

 [If new to Alpha Plus, you will access automated STL form under “Management” in Alpha Plus Online and then enter your students’ state test scores from previous year for your information and use only – Alpha Plus Online does not collect this data.)

C. Locate additional teaching resources to use in intervention, tutoring, etc.

    1. by grade/content to OSSBA Oklahoma Library of Digital Resources
    2. OSDE Curriculum Frameworks

D. Hold weekly Data Team Meetings (aka, PLCs) to evaluate success of intervention strategies used and yet to be used for each student

    1. Use Remediation Report Form to plan / evaluate intervention Download FREE Remediation Report Form PDF
    2. Maintain an Objective Accountability Graph to monitor both teaching pace and student proficiency (OAG example Example jpg and link to OAG Excel template)
    3. Review  Standard Based Report Card each nine weeks with students and parents > Click here to download FREE templates.


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We Use Data to Help Schools on the Way to an A!

Teachers and administrators can quickly and easily identify students who need more help learning the Oklahoma Academic Standards.

Alpha Plus pinpoints the SPECIFIC OAS objectives or "gaps" students have from previous years, then helps school teams address each objective throughout the year.

That is why Alpha Plus schools have OUTPERFORMED the state average every year of the A-F Report Cards.