The Alpha Plus Model is data-driven and job-embedded

Alpha Plus School Improvement uses interim formative and summative assessments to monitor progress of students from back-to-school week until state tests in the spring. Alpha Plus Facilitators utilize state and Alpha Plus assessment data in professional development (PD) on-site and online. Alpha Plus Simulated Core Curriculum Tests mirror the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests (OCCTs) and are used to project A-F Report Card grades for sites or classes along with OCCT Gap to next performance level for each student.

NEW FOR 2016-17: To help schools implement the new Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS), Alpha Plus will provide with all levels of professional development:

  • OAS/PASS standards crosswalks for each grade level/content area
  • OAS Pacing Calendars for first and second grade use in 2016-17
  • OAS Pacing Calendars for all content areas assessed at Grades 3-12 for use in 2017-18 (or when new state assessments are implemented)

NOTE: All Alpha Plus progress monitoring or interim assessments for Grades 1-2 will be aligned to new standards. See Alpha Plus Model details in Training (, Data ( and Remediation (

LEVEL I PD: Data-driven professional development with an on-site, in-service session (date TBD by your school) plus three Instructional Leader data analysis and training sessions. Support includes:

  • Monitoring of each reading and math class for teaching pace and student proficiency
  • Monitoring each student for overall growth and bottom-quartile growth per state requirements
  • A-F formula training and calculation template
  • Summative Test Log with A-F proficiency, growth and OCCT Gap Analysis
  • Projected A-F Report Cards from interim assessment data (midyear and spring)
  • Predicted A-F Report Cards from preliminary OCCT data (May-June)
  • Alpha Plus model and forms in evaluation portfolio binder

Additional help provided online, by e-mail or phone as needed.

LEVEL II PD: MONTHLY (Aug. through Mar.) job-embedded professional development with on-site teacher meetings addressing alignment to assessed standards, objective-driven instruction, and using interim assessment data to target academic deficiencies. Student data is monitored and compared to last year’s state data, A-F Report Cards projected and OCCT Gap Analysis provided after Winter and Spring Breaks to help coordinate remediation as detailed for Level I.

LEVEL III: TWICE MONTHLY (Aug. through Mar.) meetings on-site with teachers utilizing and monitoring each student’s assessment data for accountability and to improve instruction. Includes A-F Report Card projections, specialized site reports, and OCCT Gap Analysis for each reading/math student as detailed for Level I. Facilitators assist with vertical and horizontal curriculum alignment, and development of a personalized teacher portfolio with documentation for evaluations.