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Alpha Plus Model teacher/leader training includes:

  • Summative Test Log comparing previous year’s state-assessment data to Alpha Plus summative assessment data (with performance levels aligned to state cut scores)

  • Online Objective Accountability Graph of formative proficiency by student

  • Online Progress Reports of formative/summative proficiency data by class

  • Monitoring of each reading and math class for teaching pace and student proficiency

  • A-F formula training and calculation template

  • Projected A-F Report Cards from Alpha Plus interim assessment data (Jan., Mar.)

  • Predicted A-F Report Cards from preliminary OSDE data (May-June)

Alpha Plus Online Assessments

Simulated Core Curriculum Tests: Summative assessments aligned to state item specifications for Oklahoma state tests of PASS* standards (2016-17) that can be benchmarked

  • Baseline/Form A SCCT taken in fall or beginning of instruction (A1) First and second grade have one SCCT Test Form (A), vertically aligned to test blueprint for 3rd grade.

  • Midyear/Form B SCCT taken in winter or mid-point of course (B)

  • Final/Form A SCCT taken in spring or about four-weeks prior to state test (A2)

Electronic (PDF) copy of SCCTs provided to principal for printing as needed (for third-fifth graders and those who use printed accommodations). Students take assessments online or the teacher enters written student answers into online system for grading and reports. Student and class test reports (on the Alpha Plus 70% benchmark cut score) available within minutes of administration or by next morning at busiest testing times.

Standard at Risk sample

* New Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) / PASS Standards Crosswalk and new OAS Pacing Calendars provided to educators in professional development for use in transition year. Alpha Plus assessments will be aligned to new OAS when Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests are aligned (tentative 2017-18).

Formative Assessment Tests: Five-question formative assessments on each objective in PASS

  • Number of tests range from 16 to 49 depending upon state standards/objectives per grade level/content area

  • Alpha Plus Objective Accountability Graph is automatically updated with Running Proficiency and Student Proficiency rates after formative tests taken.

  • First and second grade aligns to strands in the new Oklahoma Academic Standards for 2016-17. These students are not expected to take a PASS-aligned state test in the future.\

Paper copy provided to teacher so pages may be printed as needed for class. Students take the tests online or the teacher enters written student answers into online system for grading and reports.

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At Alpha Plus, We Use Data to Help Schools Make the Grade!

Our system helps teachers and administrators identify students who need remediation in real time. We even pinpoint the specific OAS objectives that need improvement!

That's why Alpha Plus schools have outperformed the state average every year of the A-F Report Cards.