Alpha Plus Professional Development is data-driven and job embedded

Alpha Plus School Improvement uses benchmark assessments to monitor students from back-to-school week in the fall until state tests each spring. Our facilitators utilize the data in professional development (PD) on-site and online. Our Simulated Core Curriculum Tests mirror the state tests and are used to project A-F Report Card grades as well as students' OCCT Gap to next performance level.

Alpha Plus Model teacher and leader training includes:

  • Summative Test Log comparing previous year’s state-assessment data to Alpha Plus summative data (performance levels aligned to state cut scores)
  • Online Alpha Plus Objective Accountability Graph of formative proficiency by student
  • Online Progress Reports of formative/summative proficiency by class
  • Monitoring of each reading and math class for teaching pace and student proficiency
  • A-F formula training and calculation template
  • Projected A-F Report Cards from Alpha Plus interim assessment data
  • Predicted A-F Report Cards from preliminary OSDE data (FREE when part of PD)
  • Tools for implementing NEW Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) in 2016-17:

    • OAS/PASS standards crosswalks for each grade level/content area
    • OAS Pacing Calendars for first and second grade use in 2016-17
    • OAS Pacing Calendars for all content areas assessed Grades 3-EOI for use in 2017-18 or when state assessments are implemented
    • Re-aligned formative and summative assessments for Grades 1-2, and
  • “The Way to an ‘A’ Alpha Plus Model” procedures, forms and tools in binder:

    • OCCT test blueprints, Test Item Specifications, Released Tests for grade level/content area
    • Alpha Plus Data Team Meeting agenda/worksheet
    • TLE Lesson Plan Template, Example
    • Response to Intervention (RtI) remediation accountability report
    • Test-taking procedures and strategies

Kindergartern, First, Second Grades:

  • PASS/OAS Crosswalk, OAS-aligned Pacing Calendar for 2016-17
  • Reading and Math Vocabulary by Strand

Third Grade through High School:

  • PASS Objectives and Pacing Calendars for 2016-17
  • PASS/OAS Crosswalk for use in transition to new standards
  • OAS Pacing Calendars for 2017-18*
  • PASS/OAS Vocabulary
  • PASS Blueprints, Test Item Specifications, Released Tests

Additional Tools for Science and Social Studies:

  • 5th and 8th Grade Science and Social Studies Item Specifications, Blueprints, Released Test Items, TLE Lesson Plan Template/Artifacts
  • Biology and U.S. History Item Specifications, Blueprints, Released Test Items, TLE Lesson Plan Template/Artifacts
  • Summative and formative assessments built from released test items with answer key
  • Alpha Plus Model forms, tools and accountability binder

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