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Here are some Oklahoma leaders discussing their success using the Alpha Plus Success with OAS material and tools.

Mike Watkins, Principal, Jones Middle School, Jones:
"The key to this transition lies in the art of teaching. Using Success with OAS, we can dissect the standards with Alpha Plus guidance as to how each objective ought to be taught. Our teachers then adjust that to what works for their students. We are not interested in materials not alighed to the OAS. Nor do we want teachers spending time sifting through textbooks written for other states trying to find what works. Alpha Plus is already there."

Brenda Quinn, Prinicpal, Sweetwater Public Schools: Using Success with OAS, we have the standards at our ingertips and examples of problems that are aligned to each objective. It is the best help we could possibly have."

Cheryl Hessman, Principal, Clara Teynolds Elementary, Harrah: "We are LOVING this New Alpha Plus! The teachers are excited about all the data at their fingertips. Thank you for making my job easier."





At Alpha Plus, We Use Data to Help Schools Make the Grade!

Our system helps teachers and administrators identify students who need remediation in real time. We even pinpoint the specific OAS objectives that need improvement!

That's why Alpha Plus schools have outperformed the state average every year of the A-F Report Cards.