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 Rosie MKWhether working to identify and address students' learning gaps in the 2021-22 school year or to set goals for each student at any time, your school needs Success with OAS!

  • Written by Oklahoma teachers, student workbooks align solely to the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) not to any national core curricula.
  • Addressing research-based elements of effective lesson planning - teachers are provided real-world connections, guided practice, independent practice, continuous review or practice, and extension activities for OAS objectives that will be measured by the state.
  • Time is not wasted trying to find material that aligns to OAS objectives,  OSTP content limits and other state specifications. Each book includes a 50-question comprehensive assessment simulating the Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) state test.
  • All other Alpha Plus tools are similarly aligned to state requirements including professional development, online assessments, data, standards-based communications with parents.
  • Click here to view sample packets of each book.
  • Call (405) 842-8408 now (or complete contact form here) for Success with OAS!Math Book Cover8

Each book includes a 50-question comprehensive assessment that simulates the Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) state test.


Mathematics Series, K-8

 Our Jan. 25, 2018 NEWS RELEASE: State Board of Education approves Success with OAS Mathematics textbook

Read the petitions and endorsements of 11 public school superintendents:  State Board of Education Handouts


ELA Series, K-8

Currently Available: Grades 3-8

NEW for Fall 2021:

  • Teacher's Guide has greater focus on grammar and writing mechanics reflecting 2021 changes to OAS Standard 2 and 5 at every grade level.
  • Writing ideas from content-area experts added for every lesson along with supplements for suggested models in terms of format and style, spelling, punctuation, genres, etc. that pair with reading lessons for every grade level.
  • Revised table of contents pairs reading and writing OAS objectives for each book.

Call (405) 842-8408 now (or complete contact form here) to order or reorder Success with OAS.


We Use Data to Help Schools on the Way to an A!

Teachers and administrators can quickly and easily identify students who need more help learning the Oklahoma Academic Standards.

Alpha Plus pinpoints the SPECIFIC OAS objectives or "gaps" students have from previous years, then helps school teams address each objective throughout the year.

That is why Alpha Plus schools have OUTPERFORMED the state average every year of the A-F Report Cards.