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Did You Know?

DYK BaseballDream

In Oklahoma history, many times it is surprising where a person’s dreams can take them. One little boy’s dreams led to a lifetime of public service.

From Chilocco to Yankee Stadium

      As a little boy, Emmett Seeley always had big dreams. He played baseball every day after his chores were finished and his mother gave him permission. Late in life he became a popular coach of Little League teams in Murray County and, in between, he served his country. Emmett Seeley was a little boy who made his dream come true, then returned home to Oklahoma to fuel the dreams of other little boys.

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Did You Know?

DYK BessColeman

In Oklahoma history, Bessie Coleman was just a freshman attending the Colored Agricultural and Normal University at Langston in the early 1900s. She went on to become the first black woman and the first Native American woman to receive an international pilot’s license. Read more in this sneak peek of our 6th grade ELA book! 

 Her Dreams Were in the Sky

In 1919, 27-year-old Bessie Coleman was doing nails in a Chicago barbershop. Born in Texas, she had saved up her money and moved to Oklahoma to attend what is now Langston University. She could only afford one semester so she went to live with family in Chicago and attended beauty school.

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Alpha Plus Heroes: Bishop Elementary School


Pictured above left: Mr. Mays welcomes every student as they arrive at school each morning.
Pictured right and below:  Using Alpha Plus materials, 1st and 2nd grade teachers at Bishop Elementary School review student data and create remediation plans for their students. They make use of both the Alpha Plus Online Assessments and the Alpha Plus Resources website.

  • Written by Oklahoma teachers, student workbooks align solely to the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) not to any national core curricula.
  • Addressing research-based elements of effective lesson planning - teachers are provided real-world connections, guided practice, independent practice, continuous review or practice, and extension activities for OAS objectives that will be measured by the state.

To learn more, click here:

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Congrats to Guymon schools on OAS Growth


Congratulations to Guymon Public Schools for Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) Growth in 2020-21!

 Data from spring benchmark assessments of the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) in reading and math found students in schools using OAS-aligned curriculum and assessments performing better than expected this year despite the pandemic.

At Guymon Public Schools, spring scores at Academy Elementary (Grades 3-4) and North Park Elementary (Grades 5-6) are at or above the statewide average this spring and students posted significant academic growth.

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Did You Know?

DYK Debo

In Oklahoma history, teacher and scholar Angie Debo used her study of Native American history to innovate new research methods that are widely used today.

Angie Debo: Pioneer in Native American History

In January 1890, Angie Elbertha Debo was born in Kansas. At the age of nine, she and her family moved to Indian Territory. They settled in the small town of Marshall, about fifty miles north of what would become Oklahoma City.

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We Use Data to Help Schools on the Way to an A!

Teachers and administrators can quickly and easily identify students who need more help learning the Oklahoma Academic Standards.

Alpha Plus pinpoints the SPECIFIC OAS objectives or "gaps" students have from previous years, then helps school teams address each objective throughout the year.

That is why Alpha Plus schools have OUTPERFORMED the state average every year of the A-F Report Cards.