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DID YOU KNOW: Teacher William "Bill" Wallace, Celebrated Oklahoma Author

By Jan Barrick, CEO, Alpha Plus.dyk-bill-wallace-merge.jpg Featuring a passage about Oklahoma history from the
Success with OAS series.


In Oklahoma history, a Chickasha teacher named William “Bill” Wallace became much loved for his writing. In this selection, we learn more about the award-winning author of 31 books who brought joy to so many.

Teacher William “Bill” Wallace remembered as celebrated author

I knew him when.” Those are the words I can tell my son Roman when he starts fourth-grade. I will get out my autographed copy of Upchuck and the Rotten Willy. I will tell him how this big man came into our fourth-grade room. It was after lunch recess at Oklahoma Christian School in Edmond, Oklahoma. It one of the best afternoons ever. We laughed so hard that day. He had so many funny stories to tell us about his days in school with his students. He told us about his book Trapped in Death Cave. One of his characters was based on times with his best friend Gary.

Our teacher wanted Mr. Wallace to tell us about writing. We wanted to know about him and what convinced him to write books. At nine years old, I did not realize what a treat it was to listen to such a gifted writer. I wish that I could remember all he told us. I can tell my son what it means to hear someone explain that a profession or a job is not work when it brings you joy.

Mr. Wallace had a love for teaching students to read, and students wanted to read what was most entertaining to them. His sense of joy came from readers, parents, and teachers asking for more stories and books. Reading brought laughter, fears, and tears to life for students. He taught us to find humor in everyday happenings. And he taught us to write about the things that are important in our life like A Dog Called Kitty.

When my Roman gets to be in the fourth grade, he likely will be like the rest of my class. They wanted to buy the book Snot Stew, but we were afraid our moms would freak-out.

This passage is from our Success with OAS English language arts series. If students can answer the following questions, they are learning to apply critical thinking skills to reading and writing as in Standard 3 of the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS).

1. What literary tool does the author use in this selection to attract the reader?

A setting

B characters

C first-person point of view

D third-person point of view

2. What is the most likely reason the writer included the titles of Wallace’s books?

A to be used as resource material

B to take up space within the selection

C to impress readers with the knowledge of the writer

D to support the claims made by the writer

Stay tuned for more selections about Oklahoma’s past and present and opportunities for student success with OAS!
- Jan Barrick, CEO, Alpha Plus Educational Systems

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