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DYK BaseballDream

In Oklahoma history, many times it is surprising where a person’s dreams can take them. One little boy’s dreams led to a lifetime of public service.

From Chilocco to Yankee Stadium

      As a little boy, Emmett Seeley always had big dreams. He played baseball every day after his chores were finished and his mother gave him permission. Late in life he became a popular coach of Little League teams in Murray County and, in between, he served his country. Emmett Seeley was a little boy who made his dream come true, then returned home to Oklahoma to fuel the dreams of other little boys.

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Congrats to Guymon schools on OAS Growth


Congratulations to Guymon Public Schools for Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) Growth in 2020-21!

 Data from spring benchmark assessments of the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) in reading and math found students in schools using OAS-aligned curriculum and assessments performing better than expected this year despite the pandemic.

At Guymon Public Schools, spring scores at Academy Elementary (Grades 3-4) and North Park Elementary (Grades 5-6) are at or above the statewide average this spring and students posted significant academic growth.

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Buyer Beware: Not All Online Program Claims are Accurate


Buyer Beware: "In fact, out of 10,654 studies included in the What Works Clearinghouse in mid-April, only 188 – less than 2% – concluded that a product had strong or moderate evidence of effectiveness."

From USA Today:

This story about education software was produced by The Hechinger Report, a nonprofit, independent news organization focused on inequality and innovation in education.

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Decisions Must Address Local Needs Now

Blog LocalDecisions

Decisions being made now must address local needs, learning loss.
by Jan Barrick, CEO, Alpha Plus

Meeting the needs of every student in every class is difficult enough in school – much less, online at home. That said, schools must have distance-learning options available in case the pandemic returns in the fall, which means planning for the 2020-21 school year is at a critical stage.

Educators have long used online tools in the classroom; but that is not the same as teaching and learning in a virtual environment. Few teachers are also “IT people” and even teenagers are not always as “techy” as they seem.

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OSDE: Federal Waiver for 2019-2020 School Assessments


The U.S. Department of Education approved waivers requested by the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) to suspend assessments and Oklahoma School Report Cards for the 2019-20 school year. The waivers mean Oklahoma schools will not administer academic assessments in English language arts, mathematics and science for grades 3-8 or to high school juniors.

Oklahoma Dept. of Education receives federal waiver to halt assessments amid pandemic.

OKLAHOMA CITY (Mar. 20, 2020) – The U.S. Department of Education tonight approved waivers requested by the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) to suspend assessments and Oklahoma School Report Cards for the 2019-20 school year.

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