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Eighty-three schools receive awards for success with the
Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) in 2023

(Click here to go directly to the award PDFs.)

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Alpha Plus Professional Development for Educators


At an Instructional Leader Professional Development meeting in February, Alpha Plus professionals met with Oklahoma educators from Barnsdall Elementary School. We thank the leaders who joined us for this workshop. Pictured are (from left to right) Alpha Plus CEO Jan Barrick, Principal Leasa Marshall, April Cole, and Ryan McCloud.

Alpha Plus Professional Development is data-driven and job-embedded.  We help train Oklahoma educators on using Alpha Plus common formative and summative benchmark assessments to help identify students' learning gaps in alignment with the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS).

Professional Development Materials include:

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Did You Know?

DYK JimThorpe

In Oklahoma history, many from humble beginnings achieve true greatness. Winning Olympic gold medals was just one part of Jim Thorpe’s multi-sport career but they brought worldwide acclaim to Wa-Tho-Huk.

Jim Thorpe, Oklahoma Athlete

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Did You Know?

DYK BassReeves

In Oklahoma history, one of the first of the deputies in Indian Territory was a former slave from Texas named Bass Reeves.

Bass Reeves, Legendary Lawman

One of the first black Deputy U.S. Marshals west of the Mississippi River, Bass Reeves was commissioned in 1875 and worked thirty-two years as a marshal. By statehood in 1907, Reeves was said to be the "most feared deputy U.S. marshal to work the Indian Territory."

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Whitebead Elementary School: Success with OAS


Thanks to the Whitebead Elementary for sharing this cute pic from back in January when students received the new “Success with OAS” books.

They are excited because their 4th grade ELA book was written by their teacher, Tammie Richardson!

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We Use Data to Help Schools on the Way to an A!

Teachers and administrators can quickly and easily identify students who need more help learning the Oklahoma Academic Standards.

Alpha Plus pinpoints the SPECIFIC OAS objectives or "gaps" students have from previous years, then helps school teams address each objective throughout the year.

That is why Alpha Plus schools have OUTPERFORMED the state average every year of the A-F Report Cards.