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Alpha Plus Success with OAS Books & Materials

Introducing the only curriculum aligned with the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS)!

Success with OAS: Mathematics
 (For those looking for information about our ELA books, please click here.)

Grades K-8

Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics Meet with Jan Barrick, Alpha Plus

Pictured above, left to right: Frank Wang, president of the Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (OSSM), and Dr. Edna Manning, founding president of OSSM, meeting with Alpha Plus CEO Jan Barrick in April 2016 on publishing Success with OAS Math. Dr. Wang, Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics from MIT worked for John Saxon when he was writing his mathematics textbooks. Dr. Manning, Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Houston, is Consulting Editor for the Success with OAS Math series.

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The K-8 mathematics series from Alpha Plus has been proven effective in classrooms all across the state since 2016. Each book supports instruction in the OAS objectives for Mathematics at each grade level.

All Success with OAS Math books are structured using research-based elements of effective instruction:

    • Real-World Connections
    • Guided Practice
    • Independent Practice
    • Continuous Review
    • Vocabulary & Glossary

The Teacher Guide includes:

    • Objective Statement
    • Real-World Connections - relating the concept to their daily lives
    • Vocabulary with definitions and comprehensive Glossary
    • Modeling provides step-by-step instructions for teaching
    • Extension Activities - possible resources to enhance the objective lesson
    • Answer Key
    • Comprehensive Examination
    • Glossary and Math Facts

Success with OAS Math was the first series written for Oklahoma's mathematics standards.  Images below show Success with OAS Math book content in the teacher guides and student workbooks. 

Success with OAS is structured differently than national textbooks.

    • Organized by OAS Objective
    • Ordered according to suggested curriculum map (Alpha Plus Pacing Calendar)
    • Objectives detailed in Table of Contents and in each lesson (both teacher guides and student books)

OAS Math Books Table of Contents and Sample Guided Practice

 OAS Math Book Comprehensive Assessment, Answer Key

Teacher's Guide

    • How to connect each objective in context of the lives of students
    • Key vocabulary words from state standards, item specs
    • Step-by-step suggestions on how to teach each objective

Alpha Plus Success with OAS Math Book Teacher's Guide

Alpha Plus Success with OAS Math Books Teacher's Guide

Alpha Plus Success with OAS Math Books Student Book

Alpha Plus Success with OAS Math Books Student Book Assessment


Alpha Plus Success with OAS Math Books Online Resources and Education

Alpha Plus Success with OAS Math Books Bring Teacher and Student Smiles

Alpha Plus Success with OAS Math Books bring student success

Evidence of Effectiveness of the
Alpha Plus Success with OAS program in ELA and Mathematics

Alpha Plus Success with OAS Math BooksEvidence of Effectiveness



ELA 3 8 SBcover21Success with OAS Math,
K-8th grades

published by Alpha Plus Systems, Inc.
Oklahoma City, OK

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You can view sample books for each of the K-8th grade math. Please click on the image of each book to download that sample PDF. Enjoy!

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