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Success with OAS Products & Services

What’s NEW for School Year 2023-24?

Professional Development

J5524841331516122092Alpha Plus Online 3.1 launched August 1, upgraded with our most popular training tools integrated for easier, more effective professional development (PD). Educator training contracts at all levels will include access to Alpha Plus Online version 3.1 with our data-driven PD tools built into the platform.
These will include:

  • OAS-aligned Pacing Calendars (ELA and Math) for the “100 Days to Mastery” that can be scheduled according to Alpha Plus pacing or teachers’ own curriculum maps,
  • series of short how-to videos on using the platform to improve instruction,
  • checklists for what to do each week of the school year from the Alpha Plus Model of School Improvement,
  • monthly “Way to an A Reports” for use in Data Team Meetings and other artifacts for evaluation,
  • networking of teachers, administrators and Alpha Plus Facilitators statewide, and
  • chat function for faster support, and much more.

Because of the cost to develop these tools, they will only be available to schools contracting for professional development. Schools purchasing books and assessments only will continue using Alpha Plus Online 3.0.

ALL Alpha Plus Professional Development levels described below include PD Resources binders for teachers and leaders with Pacing Calendars (curriculum maps for ELA and Math for each grade level); "100 Days to Mastery" fillable PDF planning calendar; OAS Vocabulary Posters for ELA and Math classes; and Standard-Based Report Card templates for back-to-school parent communications.

Additional assistance is available via Zoom or Skype, email, phone calls, support tickets, etc.
Alpha Plus team members are available from 8:30 a.m. 4:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays year-round and via email to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

LEVEL 3 (Year I /Immersion PD) Facilitator on-site 2 times per month August-March and working with teachers and administrators throughout the year
LEVEL 2 (Year II /Growth PD) Facilitator on-site 1 time per month August-March with additional help via Zoom, email, phone, etc. throughout the year
LEVEL 1 (Year III /Building Capacity) Facilitator on-site 4 times per year with additional training virtually or at meetings in OKC for Instructional Leaders
Data-Driven PD Level Facilitator meetings 2 times per year on-site, virtually or at meetings in OKC for Instructional Leaders
Online-Only PD Level Access to new PD-enhanced online platform and virtual Facilitator meetings along with all other integrated tools.

Call (405) 842-8408 to customize a professional development plan for your school team!



What’s NEW for School Year 2023-24?800_143857292.jpg


Curriculum & Assessments

Written by Oklahoma teachers for Oklahoma students and to the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS), all Success with OAS books are realigned whenever the standards are revised by the state of Oklahoma. Alpha Plus interim assessments are revised for the school year in which they will be tested by the state.

  • ELA OAS-English language arts standards were revised in 2021 but the state delayed testing of the standards until spring 2024. All ELA books were realigned in 2021 and all assessments will be realigned by July 2023.
  • MATH The OAS-Mathematics standards were revised in spring 2022, but the state has decided to also realign state tests in math for 2024. As such, both our Success with OAS books and formative and summative assessments will be realigned by July 2023.
  • SCIENCE Summative assessments for Gr. 5 & 8 Science are realigned to the 2020 revisions that were tested by the state last spring and are available for 2022-23