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 Below, find JPEGs of the Success with OAS BENCHMARK awards.

  • OAS BENCHMARK AWARDS go to each class with more than 50 percent of students proficient on the spring summative benchmark (interim assessment that mirrors the state tests) in ELA or math. There were 135 classes in 39 districts that achieved high benchmark performance this spring.
  • The OAS Benchmark Awards are new this year to reflect the Alpha Plus goal of 50% of students proficient on state tests. This benchmark is the state of Oklahoma’s goal for 2030 and, if achieved, could move Oklahoma into the top ten in education nationally. However, in 2019 (pre-pandemic), an average of just 33% of all Oklahoma students in Grades 3-8 were proficient in reading or math compared to 44% of students in schools using Alpha Plus tools.

If you wish to view the list in it's entirety, click here for the PDF.

1OAS BenchmarkAwards 2022

2OAS BenchmarkAwards 2022

3OAS BenchmarkAwards 2022