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 SwOAS NL headerSeptember 2023
How to be an “A” school: “100 Days to Mastery”

Our goal is for your team to have an “A” school, but we also want to make your job easier. Teachers and principals have somewhat different roles, so this first newsletter discusses how each can maximize instructional time. By following these suggestions, you will be on your way to “A.”


Consult the Alpha Plus Reading and Math Pacing Calendars and plan lessons between now and Spring Break. Standards and pacing tools are in the Alpha Plus PD Resources Binder.

  1. Teach the objectives using the lesson plans provided in the Success with OAS Teacher Guide then check for mastery with Independent Practice.
  2. Give the formative assessments as soon as you have taught an objective to mastery.
  3. Your goal should be a 70% pass rate after remediation. Work with your team to remediate students who have not yet mastered each objective.
  4. Retake formative quizzes to check mastery (up to three times).


  • Hold weekly Data Team Meetings to ensure the quality of data-driven instruction (blank Data Team Meeting template is linked here).
  • During the 100 Days to Mastery, focus on the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) in the state’s blueprint. This can be critical to closing learning gaps.

The “100 Days to Mastery” (125 for Grades 1-2) starts Sept. 6.
During this period of focused instruction, teach and assess in alignment with OAS.
Follow the Alpha Plus Model, and we will see you at the top!

Thank you for your support and we invite you to call us at (405) 842-8408 when you need assistance. Stay tuned for more tips next month!

~ Jan Barrick
CEO, Alpha Plus

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