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How to be an “A” School: 100 Days to Mastery (Part 2)

Upon entering the 2nd 9 weeks, teachers should have taught and remediated approximately one-third of the Oklahoma Academic Standards (OAS) for their grade and subject(s). About one-third of the objectives should be taught each nine weeks.

Remember to check your Alpha Plus Formative assessment proficiency rates.

How do you know if you are on your way to an “A”? If your school has an average of 80% proficiency on the Alpha Plus Formative Assessments, you ARE on your way to an “A”!

Pace is more difficult than ever.
As of the traditional Fall Break (mid-October), there will be about 88 instructional days left until Spring Break. In 2020-21, 75% of students in grades 3-8 completed the A2 benchmark for Reading and Math by April – a standard of the Alpha Plus Model. The average growth from 9,587 Alpha Plus students statewide was 14%.

  • Maintaining a steady pace of instruction ensures all state-required subject matter is taught and remediated and allows time to use the data to better prepare students for state tests in mid-April.
  • After teaching an objective to mastery, give formative assessments on each objective in the order that works for you OR in the suggested order of the Alpha Plus Pacing Calendars.
  • The Objective Accountability Graph shows teaching pace and student proficiency in real time.

***Please be aware that we have made a few improvements to our online formative assessment system. Success with OAS ELA textbooks follow the standards revised in 2021, and our assessments are aligned to the 2016 standards like the state tests. To facilitate this transition, we have added recommendations for when to administer formative quizzes in order to match your textbooks. The crosswalk has also been updated to show some of the changes.

Download ELA2021_Elem-OAS_Crosswalk_Formative or ELA2021_Gr6-8-OAS_Crosswalk_Formative to see changes in OAS code numbers and recommendations under "Notes/Analysis."

We appreciate how you support your students throughout the school year. Alpha Plus thanks you for choosing us, and if you need any assistance, please reach out to your facilitator, or call 405-842-8408.

Thank you for your all you do. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
Jan Barrick, CEO
Alpha Plus Educational Systems

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