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Success with OAS Information

JanNLheaderHappy New Year to educators using Alpha Plus Online assessments and Alpha Plus Learning Management System!

  • So far, it has been a smooth start to the second semester of 2020-21 though we sincerely apologize the difficulties many encountered in December.
  • While any web-based system can be unavailable as much as 1% of the time because of conflicts with Google Cloud updates, our IT contractor has taken numerous steps to ensure all schools can complete Summative B by the end of January.
  • We are working to improve our notifications to users when unavoidable connectivity issues occur. Please let us know ANY problems by submitting a help ticket or calling (405) 842-8408.

All Alpha Plus B test windows have been extended to February 1, 2021 except where administrators have requested different dates. As of Dec. 29, at least 76% of students had completed B benchmarks in Grades 3-8 reading and mathematics.JanNLnote

  • Given the importance of analyzing learning gaps at this time, it is critical to have midyear benchmark data for evaluation. From this, educators adjust instructional pace and coordinate intervention for January through March. 
  • Last spring, the importance of completing the A2 or spring benchmark by Spring Break – a standard of the Alpha Plus Model – was unexpectedly clearer than ever when the pandemic closed schools. Yet, an impressive 80% of students in schools using Alpha Plus statewide completed A2 reading and math benchmarks in 2020 before Spring Break. Average score growth was 15%. 
  • The spring benchmark summative window for Grades 3-8 opens February 15, 2021 (unless your school is using a different schedule). The A2 window for most science classes and Grades 1-2 opens in mid-January.
  • REMINDER: Always conduct a full review of what was taught before administering summative B or A2 benchmarks.

Maintaining as a steady pace as possible ensures state-required subject matter is covered in time to use the data to better prepare students for state tests.

JanNLnoteDownload and print or email to parents and students a students' Standard-Based Report Cards for the 2nd nine weeks period.

  • Alpha Plus Online must have a period-ending date for each nine weeks, which was Dec. 21 for the second. Performance on formative quizzes taken after that date will populate in the 3rd nine-weeks’ column.
  • Though it may not match your school calendar, it is important for parents to understand what is required by the state of Oklahoma and if their child has mastered each skill.
  • Reassess each student not proficient any OAS formative test after the student has been remediated, but usually no more than three times total.
  • Teachers behind their pace should work with an Alpha Plus facilitator and/or members of a curriculum team to ensure all objectives in the state test blueprint will be taught and assessed on the aligned formative by mid-March. Teachers using the Alpha Plus Model usually resume plan lessons for other OAS objectives in April and May.

Celebrate your successes in January! Back to school for the second semester is a great time of year to thank students for working hard through the fall. Share with parents how proud you are of work they helped complete from home considering how challenging it must be this year. There are about 48 instructional days from New Years to Spring Break. We know you can do this! Let us know how we can help.  – Jan Barrick and the Alpha Plus Team